About Hsinchu

Hsinchu County is “The Windy City" in northern Taiwan. It borders with Taoyuan County in the north and with Miaoli County in the south, Taiwan Strait to the west and Xueshan and Dabajian Mountain to the east. Hsinchu County area composed mainly of uplands, tablelands and mountains, where most of the industrial factory and office of computer related companies are located. 

With 600 MW electricity supplied by gas-fired Hsintao Power Plant in Guanxi Township, cooling water supplying for factories from the Baoshan Dam, the well-known Hsinchu Science & Industrial Park is the cradle of the early Taiwan Economy. There are various tourist spots such as the cold hot springs, the Dabajian Mountain, Wufeng Sacred Tree, Ching-chuan Designated Scenic Area, Wuzhi Mountain and the Shei-pa National Park. Furthermore, the Fangliao I-min Temple, Beipu, Neiwan Scenic Area, Yasen 

Tourist Farms, Leofoo Village Theme Park, … etc. This unique natural and social combination has made Hsinchu the most suitable venue in Taiwan to host the event. Driving distance of Hsinchu is 65 kms from Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Taipei has an excellent international airport, the Taoyuan International Airport about 30 km north of Hsinchu providing easy linkage with Hsinchu and other major cities of the world. Visiting Hsinchu offers you great Hakka cultural experience, opens up opportunities for enjoying scenic sights, delicious foods and to come in contact with warm and friendly people. The generous hospitality of the people will definitely make your trip a truly memorable experience. Following are a guide map and an introduction video for Hsinchu county.

Beautiful hsinchu