Dr. Ramesh P. Singh

 Position: Professor(Earth System Science and Remote Sensing), School of Earth

        and Environmental Sciences, Schmid College of Science and Technology                         Chapman University  

Field: Natural Hazards, Early Warning of coastal earthquakes, Soil moisture, Landslides, Snow avalanches, Floods, Dust storms, Remote sensing applications, Geophysical Explorations, Atmospheric pollution and Mining Environment.

Wavelet maxima curves of surface latent heat flux Patent no. US 20050229508 A1 
Inventors: G. Cervone, M. Kafatos, D. Napoletani, R.P. Singh, 
Pub. No.: US 2010/0082260 A1, publication date 1 April 2010 
Crop yield prediction using piecewise linear regression with a break point and weather and agricultural parameters, 
Patent no. US 7,702,597 B2, date 20 April 2010 
Inventors – R.P. Singh, A.K. Prasad, V. Tare and M. Kafatos

       Awards and Recognition

        Awarded JSPS Research Award by the Government of Japan to work in Japan, July

        1993 - Dec. 1993.

        Awarded Research Fellowship by the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation, Germany,


        Awarded National Mineral Award, Department of Steel and Mines, Government of India, New Delhi, 1991-1992.

        Awarded Indian National Remote Sensing Award, 1996

        Awarded Hari Om Ashram Prerit Award, 1997

        Vice President, International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) Commission on

        GeoRisk (2004 – 2007) (2008-11), presently I am honrary member of GeoRisk

        Member of the Board of PACON

        Member of the Scientific Board, PORSEC

        EMSEV Bureau Member, 2011-2015

        Fellow, Indian Geophysical Union

Fellow, Indian Society of Remote Sensing

Selected Publications

Sharma, M., Singh, R.P. and Kumar, R., 2016, Dynamical Characteristics of Atmospheric Aerosols over IG region, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 9876 98761B-1, Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere, Clouds, and Precipitation VI, edited by Eastwood Im, Raj Kumar, Song Yang, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 9876, 98761B, © 2016 SPIE · CCC code: 0277-786X/16/$18 · doi: 10.1117/12.2224033, (peer reviewed Proceedings).

He, A., Singh, R.P., Sun, Z., Ye, Q. and Zhao, G., 2016, Comparison of regression methods to compute atmospheric pressure and earth tidal coefficients in water level associated with Wenchuan Earthquake of 12 May 2008, Pure and Applied Geophysics, Pure Appl. Geophys. 173 (2016), 2277–2294 DOI: 10.1007/s00024-016-1310-3. (peer reviewed Journal).

Singh, R.P. and Sarkar, S., 2016, Lingering impact of Methane Emission from Aliso Canyon Using Satellite Data, eLetter, Science.

Sarkar, S. and Singh, R.P., 2016, June 19 2015 Rainfall Event Over Mumbai: Some Observational Analysis, Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing, Volume: 45 Issue: 1 Pages: 185-192, DOI: 10.1007/s12524-016-0572-7. (peer reviewed Journal).

He, A,, Zhao, G., Sun, Z., Singh, R,P, 2017, Co-seismic multilayer water temperature and water level changes associated with Wenchuan and Tohoku-Oki earthquakes in the Chuan no. 03 well China, J. Seismology, 21 (4), 719-734, DOI: 10.1007/s10950-016-9631-3 (peer reviewed Journal)

Zheng, Sheng, Singh, R.P., Wu, Y. and Wu, C., 2017, A Comparison of Trace Gases and Particulate Matter over Beijing (China) and Delhi (India), Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 228, 5, Article Number: 181, DOI: 10.1007/s11270-017-3360-2 (peer reviewed Journal)

Zheng, S., Zhou, X.Y. Singh, R.P., Wu, Y.Z. Ye, Y.M. and Wu, C.F., 2017, The Spatiotemporal Distribution of Air Pollutants and Their Relationship with Land-Use Patterns in Hangzhou City, China, Atmosphere, 8, no. 6, Article Number: 110, DOI: 10.3390/atmos8060110 (peer reviewed Journal).

Ahmad, R., Singh, R.P., and Adris, A., 2017, Seismic hazard assessment of Syria using seismicity, DEM, slope, active faults and GIS, Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, v. 6, 59-70 (peer reviewed Journal).

Chauhan, A., Zheng, S., Xu, M., Cao, C., and Singh, R.P., 2016, Characteristic changes in aerosol and meteorological parameters associated with dust event of 9 March 2013, Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, Model. Earth Syst. Environ. (2016) 2:181, DOI 10.1007/s40808-016-0236-1 (peer reviewed Journal).

Singh, R.P. and Sarkar,S., 2017, Methane and Carbon Monoxide emissions associated with Aliso Canyon ground storage blowout, Proc. IEEE-IGRASS, 978-1-5090-4951-6/17/$31.00 ©2017 IEEE, 5950-5953 (peer reviewed Journal). Chauhan, A. and Ramesh P. Singh, 2017, Poor air quality and dense haze/smog during 2016 in the Indo-Gangetic plains associated with the crop residue burning and Diwali festival, IEEE-IGARSS 2017, 978-1-5090-4951-6/17/$31.00 ©2017 IEEE, IGARSS 2017, pp. 6048-6051.

Azevedo, S.C. de, Singh, R.P., and Silva, E.A. da, 2017, Assessing 2016 Drought Progression over India using remote sensing data for the period 2006-2015, IEEE-IGARSS 2017, 978-1-5090-4951-6/17/$31.00 ©2017 IEEE, IGARSS 2017, pp. 3510-3513 (peer reviewed Journal).