Dr. Jungho Im

Associate Professor of Remote Sensing and GIS 
School of Urban and Environmental Engineering 
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

1992.3.1-1998.2.26              Seoul National University         BS         Oceanography
1998.3.1-2000.2.26             Seoul National University         MCP     Environmental                                                                                                                              Management
2002.8.23-2006.5.6            University of South Carolina    PhD      Remote Sensing                                                                                                                                and GIS

2012.6.1 – present                    UNIST                          School of Urban and                  Associate,                Ulsan, S. 
                                                                                  Environmental Engineering           Assistant Professor      Korea      
2007.8.1 – 2012.5.31      State University of            Environmental Resources     Assistant Professor    Syracuse, 
                                              New York, College                      Engineering                                                          NY, USA 
                                      of Environmental Science 
                                                  and Forestry 
 2006.6.1 – 2007.7.31     University of South              Center for GIS and                Post-doctoral             Columbia, 
                                                     Carolina                            Remote Sensing                     Researcher               SC, USA
2002.8.19 - 2006.5.6        University of South                    Geography                          Graduate                 Columbia, 
                                                     Carolina                                                                                 Assistant                 SC, USA 
 1999.12.1 – 2001.4.30 
2002.1.21 – 2002.7.4        Korea Research Institute        GIS Center                          Researcher             Anyang, S. Korea
                                                 of Human Settlements 
1998.11.1 – 1999.11.30      Centennial Technology                                                          Researcher              Ansan, S. Korea                                                      
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Peer-Reviewed Research Papers (Corresponding author with *; corresponding author with a student as the first author with **; by 2016 JCR journal ranking released on 15 June 2017) 

Sim, S., Park, S., Im, J.**, Park, H., Ahn, M., Chan, P. (2018). Icing detection over East Asia from Communication, Ocean and Meteorological Satellite (COMS) data using machine learning approaches. Remote Sensing, in review. 
Lee, J., Im, J.**, Kim, K., Quackenbush, L. (2018). A new approach for estimating forest stand height using plot-based observations and airborne LiDAR data. Forests, in review. 
Park, H., Im, J.*, Kim M. (2018). Improvement of satellite-based gross primary production through optimization of meteorological parameters at regional scale over East Asia. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, in review. 

Park, S., Kang, D., Im, J.**, Lee, M. (2018). Satellite-based monitoring of East African drought and its interannual relationship with ENSO. Scientific Reports, in review.
Kim, M., Park, M., Lee, M.*, Im, J., Park, S. (2018). Machine learning approaches for predicting tropical cyclone formation using satellite data. Remote Sensing of Environment, in review. 
Kim, M., Kim, H., Han, H., Im, J.** (2018). Object-based landfast sea ice classification over West Antarctica using ALOS PLASAR data. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, in review. 
Park, S., Im, J.**, Park, S., Yoo, C., Han, H., Rhee, J. (2018). Classification and mapping of paddy rice through fusion of Landsat and SAR time series data. Remote Sensing, in review.
Kim, M., Lee, J., Im, J.** (2018). Deep learning-based monitoring of overshooting cloud tops from geostationary satellite data. GIScience and Remote Sensing, in re-review. 
Lee, S., Kim, H., Im, J.** (2018). Arctic lead detection using a waveform mixture algorithm from Cryosat2 data. Cryosphere, in re-review.